Give your staff a front row seat to industry trends, educational opportunities and a vital professional network!

  • GROUP 5 – $1,625 per year for 5 employees – Save 24%!
  • GROUP 10 – $3,000 per year for 10 employees – Save 30%!
  • GROUP 15 – $4,000 per year for 15 employees – Save 38%!

Group membership provides:

  • Huge value for venues, allied organisations and employees
  • Significant cost savings and administrative efficiencies
  • Flexibility to manage and change which employees are included
  • Free job ads (allocation based on package)
  • Access VMA members rates for all other employees
  • Positioning of your company as an employer of choice and demonstration of your commitment to your staff and their success

Package Benefits

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  • Registered members must be a direct employee of the organisation.
  • Employees must meet the criteria of the membership category that they are being registered for.
  • Organisations managing a venue can only register employees having the same physical work address.
  • Organisations applying that are part of a complex shall only include employees assigned specifically to the venue listed on application. Where any confusion exists as to the criteria to be applied the VMA will work with the organisation to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.
  • Allied organisations can include any direct employee regardless of location.
  • One individual shall be designated the Primary Member/ Representative for the VMA Group Membership.
  • An organisation qualifying for VMA Group Membership will receive the specified benefits applicable to the level of Membership registered.
  • All individuals/members are expected to adhere to the principles outlined in VMA’s Code of Ethics.
  • There is NO joining fee applicable for a VMA Group Membership.
  • Annual VMA Group Membership fees are payable in advance for the membership year being 1st January to 31st December.
  • Dues for VMA Group Membership will not be prorated for existing members that have previously renewed however arrangements will be made to find an equitable positon for organisations transferring to this membership in the initial transition year.
  • Employee Movements: Memberships are transferrable when an employee departs; if the new organisation does not participate in VMA’s Venue Membership program upon the employee’s arrival, the departing member will be responsible for their Membership dues. The departing member will have 60 days to set up their individual membership with VMA at the applicable membership rate. If the new organisation is participating in the program and has space under the maximum number allowed, the member will assume the new organisation’s renewal date.
  • If the Primary Member/Representative departs, responsibility for the VMA Group Membership will be assigned to the next-highest ranking member by the VMA, unless otherwise notified. Note: We ask you to be strategic about who is responsible for updating the roster. It may not be practical for the top executive to be listed because of the numerous updates that may be required to keep the roster up-to-date.