Whilst it is easy to become pre-occupied with the primary task at hand in the sales and marketing events at our venues, it is vital that we take advantage of all opportunities to maximise the bottom line financial result of the business for which we are responsible.

For many venues, a primary area of income is that derived from purchase made by patrons whilst attending events and in some case beforehand. As well as the obvious income to be derived from food and beverages, the sales (and hire) of the ‘merchandise’ can make a strong contribution to you annual results.  They can assist in making particular events more memorable for your patrons and more profitable for your hirers. Additionally, venue or related merchandise items may bolster your marketing efforts.

Learning Objectives
To outline to students the various aspects of successfully engaging in the sale or hire of merchandise products.

This session will cover:

  • Assessment of Sale Opportunities
  • Assessment of items to hire
  • In-house operations and contractor
  • Merchandise Staff and Polices
  • Operational Procedure
  • Merchandising Facilities
  • Stock control and settlement procedures
  • Relationships with suppliers
  • Marketing
  • Copyright Issues

Learning Activity

Class discussion on what has worked and what has not worked at different venues around Australia and New Zealand.