It is the responsibility of every Venue Manager to provide a safe and secure environment for patrons, performers, staff and contractors.The aim of this session is to introduce the class to appropriate measures of safety and security that are deemed essential to our event and venue environment

Learning Objectives
The objectives of this session include:

  • Understand the necessity of a Safety Management Plan
  • Review of the physical and manpower resources utilised to secure the venue and event
  • Understand the concepts behind Crowd Dynamics

Within the time allocated for this session the following topics will be covered :

  • The components of a Safety Management Plan
  • Various building attributes that can aid the physical security of the building
  • The management of Security Personnel
  • Specific security measures including ways to control access to the venue and implementation of a Crowd Management plan
  • The defining elements that shape crowd behaviour at events which include, Time, Space, Energy and Information
  • Examination of crowd modelling techniques that can be utilised to assist with specific crowd control situations

Learning Activity
It is proposed to examine different types of events and get the class to spend time analysing the potential security issues that could be expected and discuss the various security controls that could be effective in each situation.