Negotiation is an everyday occurrence in the venue industry.   Whether it be a high level deal to secure event activity in a particular venue, negotiating contracted services to the venue, or just low-level discussion/negotiation between members of management and staff.

This module is designed to cover a range of skills that can be used in any negotiations.

Learning Objectives
In this course each student will learn:

  • The value of a good negotiation
  • Traps and bad behaviour to avoid
  • Tips to assist with negotiations.


  • Definition of negotiation
  • What makes a good negotiation
  • Why does it fail sometimes
  • How can we improve
  • Tips to enhance our skills

Learning Activity
During this session, students will undertake a 20-minute workshop in the following format:

  • The class group will be split into 6 groups
  • 3 competing panels to work through a scenario negotiation
  • Following the workshop each group will be asked to discuss the process outcomes and flaws of the process just undertaken