Message from Wayne Middleton


You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way – Marvin Minsky

Quality education is a product of integration; whereby reading, research, listening and discussion combine to deliver the ultimate learning platform! The Venue Management School gives students a unique opportunity to experience such an environment and truly learn from both industry experts and most importantly, their industry peers.

In an ever-changing industry, it is often difficult to maintain knowledge and position your venue as a competitive force. Where can venue managers learn? At the VMS!

In a time-poor industry, when can quality people ever be rewarded with relevant professional development opportunities? At the VMS!

In an industry whereby training is often dictated by budget, where is it possible to find a cost-effective means of improving your people and your business success? At the VMS!

This school has evolved over 25 years into an academic environment created by the industry, for the industry. I encourage all CEO’s and General Managers to participate by encouraging key staff to attend and learn from those who have experienced it before and know what’s coming next.

We look forward to hosting your best people in November 2019!

Wayne Middleton CVE
Dean of Venue Management School Committee
Principal – Reliance Risk

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