Media Relations is an essential course component for any venue manager.

The ongoing challenge to be ‘seen’, ‘heard’ and ‘understood’ requires diligence and ongoing strategic planning.

The success of any venue or organisation doesn’t only depend on just how well you do what you do; it also depends on how well on how you communicate what you do.

Media relations is about putting some control measures into your communication plan to ensure that a positive message is conveyed by the media about your company, venue or event

Learning Objectives
In this course (Media Relations) students will learn:-

  • To analyse the elements of ongoing effective media relations.
  • To assess the role of the various media outlets in the sports and venue management sector.
  • To develop skills and techniques through a practical overview of crisis management and dealing with the media.

Students will cover a variety of topics including:

  • General Principles – Dealing with the Media
  • Setting your agenda – Media Strategy
  • Effective use of Media
  • Mock press conference

Learning Activity

During this 90-minute session students will undertake a theory based overview of the media landscape and the specific requirements that relate to the venue/sports management industry.

The media relations course also provides students with an opportunity to learn applicable skills in dealing with the media, in particular crisis management through the inclusion of a mock media conference with students broken into 4 groups and assigned key individual roles.