This session aims to provide students with insights on how marketing applies to the day-to-day operations of a venue. With the marketing planning process used as a framework, the session will touch on how marketing permeates all aspects of a business; it will provide insights into building and maintaining a consistent brand; and it will cover off on some of the latest marketing techniques and channels to engage with your customers.

Learning outcomes
Understand the key components of marketing and its importance for your business.

  • Be exposed to some of the current trends that are influencing the way marketers operate today.
  • Have some tools that will enable you to develop targeted promotional plans.
  • Understand how the new marketing channels, which provide far greater customer engagement, can benefit your business.

Session outline
Introduction and session overview

  • The purpose of the session
  • How the session will be run
  • Your involvement and what you’ll get out of it

Marketing – an integrated and strategic approach

  • Defining and applying marketing in the real world
  • The environment in which we operate
  • Knowing your customers

Pulling it all together

  • Brand
  • Marketing mix and customer touchpoints
  • New techniques to engage with your customers

Making it happen

  • Plans, costings and timings
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Learning activity
During this session students will participate in a small group exercise which will workshop how marketing flows through every aspect of a venue business.

The class group will be split into teams, with each responsible for a different part of the business. For example, teams will be formed to represent the Finance, Asset Management, Sales, Administration functions etc. of a venue.

Following team discussion, the group will present ideas on how their area of the business interacts with the customer  – which forms part of the overall experience the customer has with the venue.