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 World Class Venue Industry Leadership

Are you looking to develop or enhance your leadership skills in the venue management industry?


LI Intro

The VMA Leadership Institute (LI) is one of the VMA’s benchmark educational programs focusing on leadership styles, strategic planning, safety and security, engagement, empowerment and great service, problem-solving, the art of negotiation, leading change and decision making. The goal is to expand an individual’s management techniques and leadership skills.

Presented by local and international leaders, the Leadership Institute distinguishes itself from other programs, through its focus on leadership specifically for the venue industry. There is no comparable course to consider.

The VMA Leadership Institute will ensure you become the type of leader you most admire—one who is trusted by colleagues, inspires others, is sought out for advice, and creates exceptional value for their organisation.

2019 Prospectus

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Arrive: Sunday, 10 November 2019

  • Note: LI commences at 11 am on Sunday, so it is advised students should arrive on Saturday, 9 November, departing Friday, 15 November. Accommodation for the Saturday is included in the registration fee.

Depart: Friday, 15 November 2019

  • Students to attend Graduation Dinner on evening of Thursday, 14 November 2019

2019 Pricing per Year (Inclusive of GST)



$ 4,650 $ 5,050

Pricing includes GST, accommodation, meals and LI program. Does not include airfares, optional activities, or incidentals.

*Non-member pricing includes a 12 month VMA Membership.


Students who have been accepted into the Leadership Institute have the opportunity to apply for a half-scholarship. Contact Zan Lewarn, VMA Education Manager for more information:

  • For me personally, it was probably the greatest vocational education that I’ve ever done, it was so specific to the industry.

    Phil King AVMGeneral Manager, Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Coopers Stadium
  • It’s transformative. You get into engage with each other in such a different way. I’ve built friendships that I know I’m going to have for the rest of my life. LI to me is about interactivity. It’s about sharing your experiences in the industry with each other and being able to build the relationships with these people in the room and then having these relationships going forward. To be able to say I’ve got a problem, I’ve got a question, I can turn to any of these people I’ve met and be able to get help from them. Just do it! If you want to stay in this industry and continue to build relationship, but also have the opportunity to engage on an entirely different level you need to come to LI.

    Ben GoodwinManager of Strategic Insights & Delivery, Melbourne & Olympic Parks
  • You can be in two stages in your career. You think ‘I’ve got this, I know what I’m doing and I think the business is in pretty good shape and I’m in pretty good shape’ and then you’ve got people with a genuine need or want to improve themselves, improve their team and business. The reality is both of those people should take the LI program. It lifts you up, you lift one another up and you’ve got brilliant instructors from across all different sectors of industry. Everyone is a hands-on professional and practitioner in this business and they lift you up and they develop you so that you can improve yourself, your team and your business to a level you may have not even realised you needed to do. There are students in the program who work for some of the instructors, myself included, and would genuinely love the amount of one on one time even with their own colleagues. This even provides a forum for that. They are very candid, it’s a trusted environment and you learn as much about your own business as you do about their business. You get a fantastic snapshot and then you dive in nice and deep. They’re available to you not just in class but at breakfast, at dinner and then going forward. Every single one of them has invited us to give them a call.

    Dave HumphreysSales & Marketing Manager, AEG Ogden - RAC Arena

LI Welcome from Anthony Duffy


We would be delighted to have you join us at the VMA Leadership Institute! Graduates often describe the LI as “the best professional development experience available”. You will leave a better manager, having developed an extensive network of like-minded managers, with new-found confidence to become an inspiring leader.

In considering career advancement, you cannot rely solely on the knowledge and skills that have guided your leadership thus far. The VMA Leadership Institute brings together years of international and local experiences to help create an amazing learning environment.

Instructors will guide you through case studies, individual exercises, classroom discussions, and workshops designed to develop leadership skills.

Preparatory exercises you complete before the course begins will enable you to maximize the value of your time spent learning in the classroom and interacting with instructors and peers during the week.

From middle to senior managers, the VMA Leadership Institute provides the platform to advance personally and professionally… it is a must-do for all aspiring Venue Managers!

Anthony Duffy AVM
Dean – VMA Leadership Institute
Managing Director – VIPeople