It can be said that traditional concepts of leadership no longer work.  It may follow that transformation of an organisation may be inevitable in order that it can successfully compete and/or meet, especially exceed, the expectations of its customers.  Competition and customer demands dictate that we find and develop new innovative ways to operate and serve.  Quality and depth of management are critical to an organisation’s effectiveness.  The status quo will never keep a company in front, much less save one that may be on the decline.

Leaders and followers alike must share responsibility.  A leader’s objective should be to build a team of workers who feel as much responsible for the company’s success as the leader.  New leadership must have the courage to commit to a system that will be more open and more demanding on the leader as well as the followers.

This course has been developed to help those attending to realise the major challenges with which management must deal regularly to assure more effective performance by the organisation and better experiences by the customers.
Learning Objectives

  • To review the importance of effective leadership to an enterprise and the enterprise’s organisation
  • To better understand the differences between management and leadership
  • To explore various approaches to effective decision making and problem solving


  • A New Approach to Leadership
  • Is There Anything Special About A Leader?
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • What A Leader Does
  • Great Leadership Is About Character, Not Technique
  • Decision Making – A Fundamental Leadership Skill
  • Introduction to Problem Solving
  • Developing Objectives
  • An Approach to Problem Solving

Learning Activity
During this 90-minute working session and following an introductory presentation by the instructor, the class will be split into four (4) teams to engage in internal discussions about leadership techniques related to venue management.  Thereafter, the teams will work together to resolve various problems based upon real venue management cases.