This session aims to provide an understanding of the current industrial relations system, how organisational processes can assist with minimising IR conflict and unfair dismissal claims and other legislative considerations in the employment relationship.

Learning Objectives

In this course students will:

  • Gain knowledge of the recent industrial relations reform and key aspects of the new system Fair Work Australia.
  • Develop a working knowledge of organisational processes and other tools that may assist in minimising industrial relations conflict
  • Gain knowledge of how to work through a difficult employment scenario, identifying mitigating factors and what other legislation considered.


  • Industrial relations (IR) reform in Australia
  • The new Federal IR system
  • National Employment Standards and Modern Awards
  • Minimising IR conflict and unfair dismissal
  • Other legislative considerations

Learning Activity

The session will be facilitated as a group activity and will involve smaller teams working through a case study of a difficult employment scenario.

Each team will have their own set of questions to work through and will be required to present their solution and reasoning back to the wider group where discussion will occur around the answers.