Venue Managers require a sound knowledge and understanding of Financial Management as it is fundamental to running a successful business. It is the process by which the financial performance is controlled and guided. This lecture will examine the issues of financial management and its importance to the venue management industry.

Learning Objectives

The intention of this course is to be of benefit and interest to all those looking to advance their career in venue management and not be restricted to those with a defined finance responsibility. For those participants with a finance background, it has been structured to be applied to the venue industry and avoid, as much as possible, the text book approach that is afforded by a number of other tertiary courses.


The lecture will cover the following key issues:

  • The definition of Financial Management
  • Principles of Financial Management
  • Venue Managers and Financial Management
  • Tools of Financial Management
  • Seeking help with Financial Management

Learning Activity

The session will focus on the practical issues and applications that are pertinent to venue management and is intended to be an interactive session with shared experiences amongst the participants