Our venues are more than just a place for an event to be held. Fans are coming to our venues for the experience to be excited, included and be part of something.  We need to provide a complete customer service experience across every single touch point.

Leveraging on a total experience in itself could become a distinctive competitive edge and advantage that may influence the buying behaviour of fans and create opportunities to attract and grow the business.

Learning Objectives
To ensure that the students understand that it is not just about the event anymore. We will look at a range of enhanced entertainment experiences both inside and outside of the venue that will provide that competitive edge.

The session will cover:

  • Experiential Marketing
  • How to evaluate the current patron experience
  • Make sure the basics are in place
  • How to “Enhance the Experience”

Learning Activity
Throughout the session there will be class discussions on actual examples of how venues have enhanced the patron experience.