Phil King AVM



In our digital world, marketing and marketing measurement are merging. The digital activities that marketers encourage consumers to engage in also spawn a torrent of data that can become metrics of brand success. However, few venues have a comprehensive digital data insights strategy which means we are under leveraging the largest online research panel in the world…digital humanity.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this session, you will be able to:

  • Explain why you need to create a digital data insights strategy
  • List and discuss the multiple skill sets required to uncover true data insights about your brand
  • Discuss the non-linear approach to digital marketing
  • Explain and highlight the main challenges facing digital marketers today
  • List and discuss the three keys to digital marketing success
  • Discuss the various methods you can use to build your social communities
  • Explain the term mobile optimisation and why it is important in today’s modern world



  • Why you need to create a digital data insights strategy
  • The steps to uncovering true data insights about your brand
  • Digital marketing – a new non-linear marketing approach
  • Why digital marketing is important
  • Challenges facing digital marketers
  • Three keys to digital marketing success
  • Make the plan (& don’t stick to it)
  • Social in a data world
  • Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil – building your social communities
  • Mobile optimisation and the importance in a modern world


Learning Activity

The session will involve a combination of lecture style delivery on basic principles but active learning through discussion. There will also be a group exercise in dealing with how to manage an angry customer who makes the complaint on Twitter.  The activity will require students to work together to troubleshoot and offer a solution.  Students will play specific roles including the customer, marketing manager and operations department.