Customer service is a broad term used to describe customer service and the general interactions between an organisation and the people or businesses it deals with as part of day to day operations. Venues have many customers with varying needs and expectations.   The range of customers and how we interact with them has a significant impact on the success of our venues.
Learning Objectives
After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Identify different customers and understand how their needs and influence vary
  • Understand why a focus on customer service is important to your organisation
  • Identify some simple customer service strategies that may apply to your organisation


  • Evolution of customer service
  • Benefits of good customer relations
  • Importance of research and how to get to know your customer
  • Customer service v customer engagement
  • Loyalty, brand value and repeat business
  • Importance of systems and structure to support customer relations

Learning Activity
During this session students will be given a task to identify customer pain points within their venue.  Students will then work in groups to identify possible strategies for reducing or eliminating these pain points.