All venue managers are involved in preparing, negotiating and managing contracts and contract disputes with a broad range of third parties, including hirers, promoters, service providers, contractors, sponsors, ticketing companies, etc.  Most venue managers have little or no formal training in the legal concepts underpinning contracts and often adopt a “bush lawyer” approach to contracts.  Moreover, it is unrealistic to expect managers to constantly refer all contract issues to internal or external lawyers and it is a necessary part of their skill set to manage contracts to some degree.

This course is designed to arm venue managers with the skills to understand basic contractual principles in order that they may manage their contracts with some degree of confidence.

Learning Objectives
In this course the student will learn:

  • To recognise the elements of a formal contract;
  • To understand the importance of contracts;
  • To develop skills in formation of contracts.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • The nature of a contract;
  • The importance of contracts;
  • The essential elements of a contract;
  • How a contract is formed;
  • Using precedents;
  • Tendering arrangements.

Learning Activity
During the one hour session, students will be involved in group discussion, initiate and respond to examples within their venue or workplace, undertake case studies and participate in class question and answer sessions.