The purpose of this session is to gain a greater understanding of the sales process in relation to planning for and securing sponsorship. Understanding the key objectives of sponsors, the benefits you can provide in return, as well as having some clear steps to follow when securing sponsorship will allow participants to approach the procurement process in a strategic way.

Learning outcomes
As a result of this session you will:

  • Understand what sponsorship is, the reasons organisations become sponsors and some of the current trends in sponsorship.
  • Be able to identify tangible components and benefits that could form part of a sponsorship package.
  • Have some tools that will enable you to cost up and create a sponsorship proposal.
  • Be familiar with the process of selling in and delivering on a sponsor’s expectations.

Session outline
Introduction and session overview

  • The purpose of the session
  • How the session will be run
  • Your involvement and what you’ll get out of it

Before you embark on sponsorship

  • Sponsorship defined
  • Reasons organisations become sponsors
  • Should your venue, event, property pursue sponsorship?
  • Trends in sponsorship

Putting it all together

  • Sponsorship package inclusions
  • Costing sponsorship packages
  • The sponsorship proposal
  • Management plan

The sponsorship procurement process

  • Identifying potential sponsor prospects
  • Understanding the objectives of the potential sponsor
  • Selling and negotiating sponsorship

Execution and follow-up

  • Delivery of benefits
  • Evaluation

Learning activity
During this session students will participate in a couple of small group exercises to workshop sponsorship opportunities, benefits and potential companies to approach in a range of pitch scenarios.