• The CVE program is a world-class qualification which is gaining in stature in Australia.

    Milton O’Brien CVEManager Business Development, Waples Group
  • The CVE is the pinnacle accreditation in the venue management industry, not only in Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region but globally.

    Tim Worton CVEGroup Director – Arenas, AEG Ogden
  • The development paths that the VMA and IAVM have provided allows venue managers to ensure they are on the right path within the venue management industry.

    Rod Blackmore CVEFormer Building Services Manager, Sydney Entertainment Centre

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Completed application form and written references must be received by IAVM no later than 1st November 2019.

Earning CVE accreditation says three important things about you as a facility executive; you are a highly skilled manager, you are committed to the venue industry and to your own professional growth and development.

Managers who earn the CVE designation are recognized, by those inside and outside the industry, as experts in their profession.

The CVE voluntary certification program is to provide additional incentive for professional improvement in venue management, to assure recognition for those who attain certain specific standards, and to lead toward development of a full professional status in the field of public assembly facility management.

Students who attend the VMS and LI will be able to earn credits toward the Certified Venue Executive program.

2020 CVE Application

CVE Information Pack 2019

CVE Accreditation Process in Four Steps

  • 1. Application

    Submit the CVE Application with attachments outlining your education, experience, program participation, publications and professional and community activities. References are required.
  • 2. Written Essay

    A written essay must be completed outlining the candidate’s knowledge of venue management. See the Program Information for details.
  • 3. Written Examination

    The exam covers basic knowledge regarding the operation of venues. You will be notified when this exam occurs and how to prepare for it.
  • 4. Interview

    You will be interviewed by a panel of Certification Board members to evaluate your knowledge on a series of industry topics that look at your professional experience, management philosophy, and professional contributions. See the Program Information for details.



Per the Costs as advised by the IAVM Certification Board (please discuss with your local Certification Board representative).

Update Your CVE Every 3 Years

To maintain your CVE designation you will be required to update your accreditation by submitting evidence of continuing education and professional development.

Need to Recertify your CVE?

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Retired CVE

Retired CVE

CVEs who have retired and notified the Certification Administrator in writing of their retirement will not be required to meet Recertification requirements.

Background to the CVE

The Certified Venue Executive (CVE) program was begun by IAVM in 1976 to recognize excellence in the professional development and competence of managers of public assembly facilities.

To learn more visit the IAVM

NB: It is not the purpose of the certification program to determine who shall or shall not engage in the management of venues. It is recognized that there are many who are successfully engaged in venue management who are not interested in applying for certification. The primary purpose is to encourage professional development and to recognize achievement.

If you are interested in applying to become a Certified Venue Executive, take the CVE Test (1 min) to determine your eligibility.

Questions? Contact Zan Lewarn +61 7 5501 6000 or education@vma.org.au