Catering in the venue industry is a fundamental vehicle for both customer experience delivery and is a significant income stream for the venue.

This module is a fully interactive session relying on student experiences to demonstrate the application of the principles outlined in the notes, and demonstrate current catering practices in student venues.

Learning Objectives
In this course each student will learn:

  • Trends in catering that apply to venue catering
  • The key compliance issues relating to venue catering operations
  • How to identify and implement improvements to their venue’s catering service

Students will cover a variety of topics including:

  • What drives patrons to buy
  • Changes that can be made to drive increases in per head spend
  • The value of packaging food and beverage as part of the event experience
  • Deal with issues of liquor service in venues

Learning Activity
Ahead of attending the School, students will be asked to provide sample photographs relating to their catering service.

During the 60 minute session, the class will undertake group discussion identifying the key elements of the various samples which make or break the catering offering.

In a truly interactive and engaging session, all students will have the opportunity to see what other venues around the world are doing to provide the best food and beverage experience to their customers.