Managers at all levels in the organisational hierarchy are responsible for researching and evaluating data and providing well written, objective reports so that operational and strategic decisions can be made.

Preparing a report normally involves adopting some form of structured approach. There are many ways to prepare a reports This course takes you through a common approach that will enable you to prepare and present a report in a well structured, concise writing style so that the conclusions or recommendations are clearly understood.

At the conclusion of this course you will understand the process of report writing and understand how to present a report for your practical assignment.

Learning Objectives
To analyse the elements of effective report writing.

  • To assess the role of various report formats in typical venue management operations.
  • To develop report writing skills and research methods through a practical assignment

During the session students will cover a variety of topics:

  • Why is report writing important
  • Elements of effective report writing
  • Examination of a variety of business report formats.
  • The components of a report.
  • A brief analysis of research methods.
  • An outline of clear writing style.
  • Analysis of report examples.
  • Instructions for the written research report,

Learning Activity
Group discussion covering a variety of possible report topics. Students will take an allocated project and discuss how to research and structure a suitable report. For the purposes of this exercise: Students will:

  • Define the audience
  • Consider whether to use primary or secondary sources of information
  • Determine the problem – and develop an introduction
  • Consider what research could be performed and what types of data you could be sourced and a how it would structures..

Each group will then present their approach.