Out of sight and always the venue department that works the longest hours; BOH operations present many challenges to the modern Venue Manager. A well run BOH will substantially contribute to customer/client satisfaction and ultimately a positive financial result and repeat business.

It is essential that all venue managers have a working knowledge of this vital area and are cognisant of the risks and the opportunities that exist from the loading dock to the public areas.

Learning Objectives
The student will gain an understanding of:

  • How BOH operations fit within the whole of venue business
  • Capabilities and limitations of their venue
  • Where opportunities exist to improve overall operations

Students will cover a variety of topics including:

  • Safety BOH
  • Communicating with the BOH team
  • Design and construction
  • Resources, budgets and procurement
  • Contractor interaction
  • Staff development

Learning Activity
This module is in class room style and all students are encouraged to contribute with information gained from experience at their own venues.