Excellence in management of public venue assets is more important than ever in difficult economic times and in an increased competitive environment.

This module will provide an understanding of how competent Asset Management fits with a venue business plan and will assist the venue manager to understand obligations to landlords, government bodies and other stakeholders

Learning Objectives

The student will gain knowledge of:

  • How asset management fits with the overall operation of the venue and management objectives
  • The sectors administered by the Asset Manager
  • How to develop a practical management program
  • Internal and external programs for successful Asset Management

Topics will include:

  • Purchasing and investment
  • Element of good house keeping
  • Internal vs contractor – maintenance
  • Energy and environment management
  • Computerised systems and other management tools

Learning Activity

In classroom format, this is an interactive session where students will be encouraged to participate and contribute.

Adequate time will be allocated for interaction, questions and answers.