• Attaining the Accredited Venue Manager (AVM) was a combination of documenting my experiences over decades of work in this exciting industry and ensuring that my knowledge was well grounded in all aspects of venue management.

    Gary Mears AVM CVEGeneral Manager, The Events Centre, Caloudra

Accredited Venue Manager (AVM)


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Enhance your career prospects, receive recognition for your extensive experience and contribution and take part in personal development as venue management professionals.

The AVM program is the only program of its kind in the industry and distinguishes you as a venue manager with high-level accomplishments. It includes acknowledgement of formal education, industry knowledge, experience and skills.

The AVM forms part of a two-tier achievement program which includes:

1. The Accredited Venue Manager (AVM) is designed to recognise extensive venue management experience, contribution and qualifications for middle to senior managers;

2. The internationally recognised Certified Venue Executive (CVE) under the auspices of the International Association of Venue Managers is at a higher level.

Managers will be able to place the designation AVM or CVE after their name as appropriate.

Becoming an Accredited Venue Manager (AVM) is acknowledged as a stand-alone achievement, however, will assist greatly in taking the next step towards becoming a Certified Venue Manager (CVE).

AVM Accreditation Process in Four Steps

  • AVM Accreditation Process in Four Steps

    1. Eligibility – Criteria for eligibility, include:

    Education, experience in the venue management industry, graduation from the Venue Management School, attendance at the Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress, other relevant training and conferences attended, and articles published are all ways to prove your eligibility as an AVM.

    Download the AVM Entry Criteria Scoresheet & Application Form
  • AVM Accreditation Process in Four Steps

    2. Referees

    Two written references are required from senior managers within the venue management industry. Please advise your referees that they will be asked to submit a written reference, answering questions that will be forwarded by the VMA. Referee questions will be provided to the two referees nominated by the candidate following receipt of the successful assignment.

    Download the Referee Nomination Form.
  • AVM Accreditation Process in Four Steps

    3. AVM Assignment

    Undertake an assignment, covering overall philosophy of managing venues, personnel and HR, marketing, finances, maintenance, security, event production, food and beverage, or more!

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  • AVM Accreditation Process in Four Steps

    4. Approval

    The VMA Professional Development Committee will review and oversee all three stages of the application and advise if your application has been approved. The VMA Board’s decision is final in regard to your progression through the AVM Program, satisfactory completion of all required steps and decision to award accreditation.


Cost – $200.00 + GST per application

If you are interested in gaining recognition for your achievements within the venue management industry and becoming an Accredited Venue Manager (AVM), please complete the Criteria Scoresheet to determine your eligibility.

If you have any queries regarding the AVM process, please contact Zan Lewarn at +61 7 5575 9185 or education@vma.org.au.

AVM Documents You Will Need

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