Congratulations to our very first Diploma of Venue Management Graduate!

Congratulations to our very first graduate of the Diploma of Venue Management – Claire Bennett, the Learning and Development Manager & HR Advisor for the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

We had a quick chat with Claire to find out more about her experience and tips on study strategies.

What was your motivation for studying Diploma?

Being new to the venue management industry, I wanted to build on my experience at VMS and grow in my knowledge and confidence to speak more freely in meetings.

How did you find doing the Diploma?

My regular catch up with Suzie Crawford, the Education Coordinator, really kept me on track. There are 17 units of competency to work through and you can get overwhelmed. Suzie really encouraged me to see that I already had the knowledge, I just needed to see where I could apply it. I read all the required readings and chose to read the optional material if I felt lacking in a certain area.

Suzie created the Diploma and she understands how to help you complete it in an efficient way, really drawing upon the role you already function in at your venue. I would send her a quick email and she would always get back to me. Without Suzie’s guidance I wouldn’t have completed it so quickly.

What was your study strategy?

I started by assessing each unit and decided not to do them in order, as you don’t need to. I firstly looked at those units for which I could apply for RPL and take advantage of my prior learning.

I then looked at remaining units and differentiated between those which I would enjoy and find easy and those that were more challenging. I wanted a quick win to get me going and so started with a unit I enjoyed. Once I passed I then did a unit I found challenging, buckled down and got it done

Quick wins help get the momentum going – all it takes it passing one unit and then it’s begun!

Just get started and pick a unit you will enjoy the most.

What are some of the barriers to study?

All venues are busy and it’s a challenge for all of us to balance work, study and life. We are passionate about the industry and I believe many of us want to do the Diploma but can’t find the time.

I really wanted to gain this National Qualification for myself and decided to plan ahead and create the space, looking at coming in early, sacrificing my lunch hour and childcare needs.

It really is an informed decision and may be unrealistic for you to take it on right now. I encourage you to plan ahead and make it part of your everyday. A half hour per day and two hours on the weekend can get your results.

Who would you encourage to sign up for the Diploma?

Those who have stepped in to the venue management industry and are enjoying it but maybe have only worked in one type of venue and need to be exposed to the larger industry.

They also need to decide why they want this – is it for personal achievement or career growth?

Why not get that Diploma and look to move up in your organisation? It also really puts the icing on the cake of Venue Management School.

* Claire worked on the Diploma from September 2015 to January 2017 completing it within 16 months, which is less than the guidelines of two years.  This was achieved because of gaining RPL for multiple units plus allocating a little extra time each week.